Multiplicity and Classification of Final State Particles in Herwig7

University essay from Lunds universitet/Teoretisk partikelfysik

Abstract: In this work we investigate the hard and soft interactions in the multiple parton interactions (MPI) simulation in Herwig7. The investigation covers how the number of soft and hard interactions in an event is linked to the multiplicity of final state particles. We also present a labeling system for particles produced by different interactions, which we then use to classify the final state particles. We also demonstrate how this labeling system can be used as a tool to disentangle different contributions to a given observable. The observables we investigated are the charged multiplicity and the charged transverse momentum. We observed a large contribution from diffractive events in the high multiplicity region and therefore we produced the invariant mass distribution of primary clusters. From this distribution, we observed that primary clusters from diffractive events have a long tail towards high invariant mass.

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