A study on effect of Durex social media marketing on Chinese consumer’s purchase intention and Durex’s brand equity

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad

Author: Miaoyin Guan; [2019]

Keywords: social marketing;

Abstract: China as the world’s largest social-media marketing place, its way of marketing is dramatically different from its counterpart in the western countries. This is greatly influenced by China’s special social environment and traditional culture. This study focus on the social marketing methods adopted by Durex and applied in China context. Durex use its official weibo account as the main channels to promote its product, corporate image and interact with consumers. The purpose of the study is to appraise the effect of Durex’s way of social marketing on Chinese consumer’s perceived brand image and consumer purchase intention and to what extent help build their brand equity. The mixed qualitative and quantitative methods are employed in this research. The findings demonstrate that consumers are very acceptable to Durex’s creative way of social marketing and it does help Durex to shape a valuable company brand image. 

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