Unintended Obstacles to Intra-EU Migration - The Case of Munich, Germany

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: One of the fundamental rights in the European Union is the Freedom of Movement of Persons. This right, that allows citizens of EU Member States to move and reside freely anywhere within the Union is not only a key factor for the European integration project, but is also of substantial economic importance. However, the actual experience of migrants moving within the European Union is not always as unproblematic as the legal basis suggests. Looking at case law from the European Court of Justice, reports and surveys on migration in the EU, general obstacles to intra-EU migration are revealed. Furthermore, specific hurdles for the city of Munich, Germany are empirically researched by looking at governmental documents and conducting an online survey, showing that Munich is a relatively good place to move to as an EU-migrant, albeit with issues when it comes to public authorities and discrimination when looking for accommodation.

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