Design of a modular solar powered outdoor lighting system

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik och samhälle

Abstract: This reports describes a master thesis project in Industrial Design Engineering at Lulea University of Technology in collaboration with Clas Ohlson.The master thesis was performed during 2015/2016 and is part of a product development project at Clas Ohlson aiming to develop a new kind of solar powered out door light. Clas Ohlson have limited experience with in house product development, and this project could be a pilot project to evaluate future in house product development.This projects main focus is the creative parts of the product development process and the detail development.The product developed resulted in a product with high customisation potential in many aspects including aesthetic, mounting, electronic and packaging.The resulting material, such as CAD-files, is handed over to Clas Ohlson for them to adjust if necessary in order to take the result in to production. The starting point is the company ́s desire to comply with one of their main objectives: provide sustainable products.The desire was for me to develop a solar powered outdoor light.The result is a module based system which can be expanded in multiple ways, from changing the function, to changing the appearance. In the chapter results you also find a suggested launch plan showing the width of the presented solution and the many opportunities the end user would have to upgrade their product without generating excessive waste. 

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