Comparison and visualization of robot program modifications : Applied on ABB industrial robots at Volvo Cars Corporation

University essay from Högskolan Väst/Avdelningen för produktionssystem (PS)

Abstract: Volvo Cars Corporation creates robot programs off-line for all new robot implementations for virtual commissioning. These virtually created robot programs are then downloaded to the real robot, after the installation has been carried out, to be tested before they are fully operational. These tests are spanned from robot installation until full production, adjusting the robot programme according to Volvo Cars specification and correcting errors that the robot program may have. Changes of the robot programs will be saved each time it is modified, generating a series of backups for each robot until the robot is correctly adjusted along all the steps of the process. To improve the offline programming there is a necessity for visualize the modifications made during the physical robot commissioning. The objective of this thesis is to identify, categorise, quantify and visualize modifications between each different backup of a robot. A software application has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio using C#. The application is designed in windows for different types of data. It enables the user to compare two robot programs (two different backup programs from the tests) from one robot and see the result between them graphically. The graphs are designed interactively so that the user can filter the information to see the desired data from the robot programs comparison. Key performance indicators (KPIs) has been specified for RobTargets and Procedures according to Volvo Cars Corporation requests. These KPIs are implemented and visualised in a graphical representation.

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