Mobile Virtual Reality Environment in Unity 3D

University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik

Author: Patrick Sjöö; [2014]

Keywords: Virtual Reality; Unity; Motion capture;

Abstract: This report is a contribution to an existing research project, which works on supporting motion capture actors by improving their immersion and experiences through an augmented reality setup. The problem definition is that a motion capture studio, up to now, does not provide a large scenery for an actor. A motion capture scene is made almost entirely out of props and actors wearing motion capture (mocap) suits. To set the stage and environment there is usually a director explaining what the props are and what the situation is. The rest lies in the hands of the actors to imagine the scene. This project provided the controls for viewing a virtual environment using a smartphone with an Android operating system. The result was an application containing a virtual world that the user could look and walk around in using the smartphone's gyroscope and accelerometer respectively. This shall help the actor to get a better view of the surrounding world in which he or she is supposed to act in. The phone was connected to a pico projector and both devices were mounted on the user's head to get all needed input such as turning, tilting and physical movements. The phone can also be mounted in several positions which can be changed in real time. Some user testing was made to see how users handled the devices and what they thought of the application.

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