Business plan for Kroken 9 and 11

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för teknik och naturvetenskapTekniska högskolan

Author: Eric Forsell; [2010]

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The transformation of old industrial buildings have for some time been a work in progress in the inner city of Norrköping. Street between the Campus past Skvallertorget down to the neighborhood Knäppingsborg has undergone major changes. The change is made with care in order to preserve the old, authentic character while providing attractive, functional and thematic desirability and accommodation in the area.

The report aims to develop a business plan for the properties of the neighborhood Kroken 9 and 11. The properties are located between Garvaregatan and Motala Ström and have a convenient, attractive location. They are old industrial buildings with extensive refurbishment and renovation needs, and they have largely been vacant for some years.

The business plan will lead to proposals for, and allocation of appropriate business directions, assessment of rental income, operating costs, production costs and an expected payback period for investment. This, in turn, against how easy it is to rent out for each of its business.

The proposals I have developed includes public areas, and a room for E.ON. Restaurant School is included in all proposals, but may be located in different parts of the property depends on the proposal. The proposals contain in addition to the above activities of different combinations of hotels, nursing home, apartments of offices.

The report shows that hotels or nursing home, combined with the tenant is considered the most long-lasting, durable, economical solution. This by nursing home and hotels account for stable, easy to rent out in a long-term and high rental income while the tenant through the sale brings a direct economic benefit.

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