Initial evaluation of briquetting possibilities of CaO-containing paper production waste : For use in metallurgical processes

University essay from KTH/Materialvetenskap

Abstract: Paper and pulp industry and steel industry are two major industries in Sweden, both of which are facing big challenges to treat their waste products properly. In this thesis work, initial evaluation of mechanical properties of briquettes made of waste products was performed. Three different CaO-containing waste products (Mesa, Kalk, Fly Ash) from Stora Enso and SCA were pressed with one kind of binding material (AOD slag) from Outokumpu. Drop tests were carried out to test the impact strength of the lab-made briquettes. Three different parameters were investigated of their influence on the impact strength of the briquettes: 1) Composition of briquettes 2) Heat treatment procedure 3) Exposure time to open air. A total of 97 briquettes were pressed. Drop test results show that for different material based briquettes, heat-treatment and exposure to open air had different influence on the final impact strength. In order to get best impact strength, MB briquettes (90% Mesa +10% AOD slag) heat treated at 850℃, KB briquettes (90% Kalk +10% AOD slag) heat treated at 850℃ and FC briquettes (80% Fly Ash + 20% AOD slag) exposed to open air for 20 days are recommended. Melting experiment was carried out to investigate the sulphur removal ability of the briquettes in metallurgical processes. Thermodynamic calculation of sulphide capacity was done.

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