Enhancing User Experience while retrieving information via Dashboard

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Abstract: With rapid growth in technical and social sector, the amount of data produced and retrieved has grown exponentially. Hence, there is a dire need for a management information system (MIS) to manage and structure such data. This study was initiated to learn about the problems and needs of the employees of a truck manufacturer organisation while working for long duration projects. The information about processes and tasks is available but in an unstructured manner through excel spreadsheets which makes it difficult for users to retrieve required information during crucial times. An information system in the form of a dashboard was designed and proposed to overcome the problems faced by users. This study focuses on evaluating the user experience of employees while retrieving desired information about the procedures using both dashboard and excel spreadsheets. To investigate the work structure and problems of employees, interviews were conducted. The results were analysed and a dashboard solution was proposed and developed with real time data. With employees coordination, few usability tests were conducted and the feedback was recorded for future work. According to the study results, the efficiency of employees can be increased and the decision making can be improved using MIS. With better retrieval techniques user experience was also enhanced. The interactive visualisations of dashboard attracted users and was used efficiently for providing tons of information about procedures to be followed.

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