User acceptance of E-Payment Systems in the Context of Cultural Influence : A case study of PayEx in Linnaeus University

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för informatik (IK)

Abstract: With the technological development of e-commerce and the increasing necessity to use online transactions, more and more online electronic payments systems have appeared to meet global demand. Furthermore, user acceptance of these kinds of systems is different for individuals in different cultures, and culture could be a factor that has great potential impact on predictions of user acceptance. The world has evolved to a degree where transactions occur between different cultural environments. This study aims to provide an understanding of how culture affects users’ intentions of electronic payment systems. Based on the purpose of this study, a questionnaire has been conducted in the interest of collecting data for statistical purposes. To make more sense about the results, a case study on PayEx (an electronic payment system) in Linnaeus University has been conducted through analysing twenty users’ interview records. Finally, this study expands on user acceptance research through looking at the role of culture and social influence. In practice, the results of this study give the thought for accurate forecasting of user acceptance towards electronic payment systems with considering cultural influence.

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