The Experience of Environmental Documentary Films. A qualitative study examining millennials values, mindsets and experiences.

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för service management och tjänstevetenskap

Abstract: This thesis aims to investigate millennials' experience of environmental documentary films and the experiences relation to the millennials values and mindsets connected to sustainability. The environmental documentary films are considered as cultural products, thus contributing and positioning itself within the field of culture and creative industries and service management. The theoretical framework used in the thesis consists of the experience realms, value-in-use and flow which further allows new knowledge to emerge as the understanding of experience of cultural products is expanded. By using 14 semi-structured interviews, the experience itself, mindsets and values unfold concerning environmental challenges. The findings indicate that for millennials the experience of environmental documentary films is a multicontextual, fluctuating, and nonlinear process dependent on emotions. Furthermore, the experience of viewing an environmental documentary film relates strongly to millennials values and mindsets connected to sustainability due its transformative nature and potential to change attitudes and behaviour.

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