Quality assessment of a large real world industry project

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för datavetenskap (DV)

Abstract: Quality Monitor is application, which automatically analyzes software projects forquality and makes quality assessment reports. This thesis project aims to instantiate Quality Monitor for a large real-world .Net project and to extend Quality Monitor by considering other data sources than just source code. This extended analysis scope includes bug reports, features, and time reports besides .Net assemblies (code) as artifacts. Different tools were investigated for the analysis of code, bug reports, features and time reports. The analysis of .Net assemblies was implemented as none of the existing tools under evaluation met all requirements. The analysis of .Net assemblies was successfully completed; it allows the extraction data necessary for creating Call and Control Flow graphs. These graphs are used for calculating additional metrics allowing for an improved assessment of quality of the project. Implementation of .Net assembly reader was tested using large real world industrial project. Other data sources were analyzed theoretically, but excluded for further implementation. Altogether the thesis includes an analysis of possible Quality Monitor extensions including their requirements, design, and (partially) their implementation and evaluation.

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