Optomyography: Detection of muscle surface displacement using reflective photo resistor

University essay from KTH/Skolan för teknik och hälsa (STH)

Abstract: A human body can carry out many physiological complex processes which can be mechanical, electrical or bio-chemical. Each mechanical activity generates a signal that describes the characteristics of the particular action in the form of pressure or temperature. Any irregularity in the process changes the usual functioning thus affecting the performance of the system. Several techniques were introduced to evaluate these muscular signals in order to get a deeper understanding of the medical abnormalities. Displacement sensors, laser optics, electrodes, accelerometers and microphones are some of the widely used devices in measuring the electrical and mechanical activities produced in the muscles. The aim of this thesis project was to find and implement a simple non-contact optical method to measure and monitor the displacements caused on the surface of the skin due to muscular movements. In this study, a device was developed using photo electric sensors that can record surface changes caused on the skin due to the movements forearm muscles.

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