Loop Kindergarten

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Author: Xiaowei Wei; [2020]

Keywords: kindergarten; China; nature; free space; non-hierachy;

Abstract: The project "Loop Kindergarten" is designed a new mode for a kindergarten in Peking China. In my opinion and based on my own experience, Chinese children are always under quite high pressure and expectations, even during childhood. Even the attitude towards play is very different in China. Play center activities are also called guided play in western countries; on the contrary, it is called corner play in China. Play was seen as being conflict with learning, and thus as time wasting. That is why Chinese children are always lack of free play. In metropolis like Peking, children often don't have enough access to nature, unlike in Europe. Compared to Europe, nature in the middle of city is not under good conditions. How to provide a better environment for children to play in terms of nature is one of the main topics of my project My goal is to design a new mode of kindergarten that helps children have a better and happier childhood in terms of nature on the one hand, but also meets the needs from society on the other hand.

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