MINI Nature-X

University essay from Umeå universitet/Designhögskolan vid Umeå universitet

Abstract: Inspiration is something which can be found in nearly everything. The author´s inspiration is coming from the people around him, the world he lives in, all the shapes, smells, and impressions he inhales on a daily basis. But in fact the biggest inspiration for his thesis concept was the love to nature with all its facets. Together with a huge interest in sky observation and our Universe in general, the author knew quite early that those are some major topics which should be found and set-in in his thesis. Shape-wise he was as well inspired by creating a vision, which doesn´t remind people of already existing products. It should be a concept which triggers other people to rethink what we have today and what we could have in future. To achieve this, it is as well necessary to look into new technologies or inventions. The process for this concept, but also for the authors work-flow itself was meant to go into an experimental direction. With a lot try and error and learning about observations. It was a combination of a digital and physical working process, trying to mix VR with physical crafts. Starting with a vague idea, followed by loose doodles on paper which were further developed in 3D and have been evaluated in VR - this was the writers goal. In the one hand this concept will inspire other people in the way they think and perceive their environment. On the other hand side it reflects the author´s goals and wishes for this thesis. A concept which entails a whole process of theory and praxis and teaches a lot about work planning, time management, team working, or deadlines. If the final result brings people to interpret their own thoughts into the concept, it shows how mind opening an idea can be.

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