Gender equality in the forest sector will happen - but when?

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Forest Resource Management

Abstract: The Swedish forest sector have under a long time been characterized of a masculine culture but are changing toward a more equal forest sector. With the perspective of composition of board members and board work, methods and actions can be discussed to improve changes toward a more equal board and organisation. To investigate how equality work can be implemented in an organisation and its company board can be affected, six board members representing different organisations in the forest sector have been interviewed. Their experiences as board members as well as their many years of work experiences contribute in the analysis of expected competence in a board as well as how equality and equality work can be discussed and implemented in board work. The analysis also include how they view quota and how it can affect the desired competence when implemented in the board. The results showed that the board members are positive toward a change toward equality, but actions on implementing equality work is not included in the board work except discussions about it. Many respondents remark that equality and equality work is an operative discussion and that it will be fulfilled with time. In the analysis it appeared that quota is a sensitive word. When implementing actions to achieve equality, quota need to be developed so the concept is clearer before it can be implemented.

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