Uranium Mining Industry : -A valuation of uranium mining companies

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Redovisning och finansiering; Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Redovisning och finansiering



Over the last three years uranium prices have soard from US $14 per pound (lb) to the current price of US $120/lb and this rapid incline of the commodity have created a boom within the uranium prospecting and min-ing industry. There are currently 435 nuclear reactors all over the world and these reactors demand 180 millions of pounds of uranium each year to run at full production. Currently the uranium mining industry only sup-plies 110 million pounds of the demanded quantity. The remaining 70 mil-lion pounds are coming from secondary sources such as decommissioned nuclear warheads and other sources. Market estimations say that the sec-ondary sources will only cover the shortage up until around 2012 then primary sources have to supply almost the whole quantity demanded. These factors imply that some sort of analysis model for uranium mining companies would be needed.


The purpose of this report is to valuate three companies within the ura-nium industry and to establish if the current market value is coherent with the fundamental value of these companies. The authors will propose a valuation model that could be used when valuating companies within the uranium industry.


A qualitative method has been used in order to value three companies within the uranium mining business that are fairly large players on the market. The valuation of these companies is based upon a discounted cash flow analysis, a relative PV valuation and relative valuation. The compa-nies included in the report are corporations that are quoted at Toronto Stock Exchange and they have started mining uranium. Data have been collected through annual reports and the companies Internet pages. Other secondary information such as valuation theories has been collected from academic search engines and books on the subjects.


The current market values of uranium mining companies are not coherent with the actual fundamental values according to the authors. Both funda-mental and a comparative approach could be used when valuing these companies and the most important part in the valuation is to try and fore-cast the commodity price and then to estimate the companies possible mining reserve/extractable resources.

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