Business Intelligence in the Hotel Industry

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för informatik (IK)

Abstract: Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in hospitality and accommodation have taken an enormous percentage of service-provision, helping automate most of the processes involved such as booking and purchasing, improving the guest experience, tracking of guest preferences and interests, etc. The aim of the study is to understand the roles, benefits and issues with the improvement of business intelligence (BI) in hospitality. This research is purposed to discover the applications of BI in hotel booking and accommodation. The investigation focuses on hotel guest experience, business operations and guest satisfaction. The research also shows how acquiring proper BI is supported by implementing a dynamic technology framework integrated with AI and a big data resource. In such a system, the intensive collection of customer data combined with an improved technology standard is achievable using AI. The research employs a qualitative approach for data discovery and collection. A thematic analysis helps generate proper findings that indicate an improvement in the entire hospitality service delivery system as well as customer satisfaction. In this thesis, there are examined various subsets of BI in tourism. The assessment analyzes competition arising from the application of these technologies. The study also shows the importance and application of harnessing data to gather insights about guest interests and preferences through the establishment of well-developed BI. Insights enable the customization of hotel services and products for individual guests. There is a considerable improvement in guest services and guest information collection, which is achieved through the creation of guest profiles. The research performs a discussion on the incorporation of AI and big data among other sub-components in creating diversified BI and seeks to identify the need for current BI applications in the hotel industry.

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