Integration of Orbital Control in the Avionic Test-Bench Simulators for EagleEye : Evolution of the EagleEye functionality

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik

Author: Kasper Wikman; [2019]

Keywords: Simulators; On-Board software; EagleEye;

Abstract: In the space industry a lot of efforts is put towards verification and validationof the different parts of the spacecraft. This is a costly process and cause initial friction when trying to introduce new technology within the field. One of the demanding systems to validate and test is the on-board software. To makethe process of evaluation and testing of new technologies easier, the EuropeanSpace Agency has put effort towards creating an end-to-end avionic test bench containing four different simulators. In this test bench a fictional mission called EagleEye was constructed. EagleEye is a representative low-cost & low-powerEarth observation mission to create a fictive environment to perform system tests. As of 2018 the mission still lacked the functionality of orbital maintenance. However, during the autumn of 2018 the system had the orbital control modeintroduced to the Functional Engineering Simulator in the MATLAB Simulink environment.This was one process for the integration of the orbital control mode, thesystem still had three additional simulator environments requiring the implementation: Functional Validation Test-Bench, Software Validation Facility andReal-Time Test-Bench. This thesis covers the implementation within the first two simulators mentioned. The work was carried out during the spring of 2019 and showed that the simulators were updated successfully and verified. Development of the simulator will continue as there are still things to be done.

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