The Role of Attitude in Today’s Organizations; It’s influence on the employee’s private and professional life.

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Handels- och IT-högskolan

Abstract: This thesis investigates the influence of attitude on the life of an individual and the role that it can play inside and outside today’s organizations. The purpose of the thesis is to gain insight on the subject of attitude and its significance both in the life of today’s employee and on the management and leadership of today’s organizations. I will endeavor to investigate the importance of cultivating a positive attitude and the consequences of yielding to a negative attitude. I will also discuss why attitude not only can influence the firm’s progress but also the external image and advancement of the organization as well.With the abduction and narrative approaches, I will endeavor to explain the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and ways of understanding individuals’ attitudes and their influence on their overall performance. I will also attempt to address how employees in a given organization can deal with a customer who has a sour attitude. Moreover, I’ll address some of the possible causes of negative attitudes. The theoretical research will help expound on the subject matter. Through empirical research, I’ll attempt to address the fact that despite an employee’s skills and competence, positive attitude can be an added advantage.With an understanding based of my personal life experience, I’ll explain how I struggled with negative attitudes especially during my early years in Sweden and how I eventually made an attitude adjustment. My personal experience at the Sheraton will be used as a case study on the subject of attitude. Furthermore, I’ll examine some other life experiences such as the lessons I learned from my father on the subject. Besides, I’ll discuss the challenge of attitude on leadership as well. Finally, I will conclude with a discussion on the fact that attitude needs to be addressed in a good-enough approach thereby circumventing the trap of making attitude appear to be the principle aspect as this may lead to absolutism.

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