The Positive Factors of Working as an English Teacher

University essay from Malmö högskola/Lärarutbildningen

Abstract: Fewer students apply for and finish the teacher programs in Sweden, and many teachers leave their job. Swedish schools are in need of more teachers, but the teaching profession is today portrayed as unattractive. This research aims to investigate what factors that motivate some students to become teachers and what factors that motivate some teachers, ESL teachers in first hand, to work as teachers, mainly in secondary schools in Malmoe. Three secondary teachers who teach ESL in Malmoe were interviewed and expressed their thoughts about the positive aspects of the teaching job, why they wanted to become and why they work as ESL teachers, and what goals they have in relation to their profession. The research showed that the ESL teachers teach because they feel passionate about the subject they teach and because they enjoy working with children and teenagers. They find the job fun and rewarding, and think that it is challenging, especially when working in a city like Malmoe. It seems as teachers often put the pupils first and do not focus on external rewards, such as salary. Teacher motivation has an impact on student motivation and it is therefore important that teachers remain motivated within their profession.

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