A Qualitative Study of Racism Amongst Swedish Football Supporters.

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

Abstract: Over the last decades, it is possible to recognize how global mobility and migration hascreated diverse and multi-ethnic societies. In the Swedish football scene this can be seen inthe existing diversity amongst the professional football players and amongst the supporterswhere varied ethnicities and backgrounds are represented. In many societies the impact ofglobal mobility and migration has created challenges like social exclusion and racism.Sweden is no exception. This thesis takes place in the local context of Swedish footballsupporters. It is a study on how acts of racism are understood through the eyes of thesupporters. As the supporter environment in Sweden is acknowledged by its members to be anarena where unity and fellowship is highly valued, the idea of this thesis developed throughthe curiosity on how acts of racism can be understood in the context of this multi-ethnic unity.In this thesis, the meaning of a unity will be examined as a tool for comprehending howsupporters understand acts of racism occurring within it. The main material is gatheredthrough qualitative interviews conducted with five supporters. The theory of the Other,developed by Edward W. Said and the theory of imagined communities, developed byBenedict Anderson, will be utilized besides theories of racism.

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