Customers’ Emotions and their Impact on Quality Development of Products : with Environmental Implications

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen


The contemporary society reflects with countless of non-functional, i.e. luxurious, products which, with their redundant property, have a wasteful or negative impact on customers’ survival value and their living environment. Customers have a tendency to make biased judgments in the choice of the products they purchase, causing them to confuse many of such non-functional product features with the functional ones and constantly encourage their market production. This may reflect a variety of impacts on the market: decreasing the pace and course of development products’ actual, functional quality while increasing the pace and course of development for products’ non-functional, luxurious quality; constant increments of prices disproportionate to the product’s actual quality; discard of functional investments; utilization of wasteful resources; etc. This study will suggest a link between products’ price-quality disproportions in the development of new models and the customers’ biased emotional purchasing-decisions before buying a product. With that, it will indicate how customer’s emotions play a role in products’ future industrial quality developments and how biased emotional perceptions contribute to non-functional or luxurious quality developments. Consequently, implications are also found for the psychological and economical causalities behind our ubiquitously polluted environments.

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