THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT Telephone based customer service communication styles that lead to customer satisfaction

University essay from Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: This study deals with a telephone based customer service and the communicationstyles that make the communication in this setting successful or unsuccessful.Many companies in Sweden have a telephone based customer service, and often times thecustomer’s initial contact with the company is through the customer service. This is whythe future of a company may depend on the quality of its customer service, and theimplications and suggestions are given in order to answer the question of whichcommunicative styles lead to customer satisfaction in a telephone based customer service.An online survey was created in order to get the data, and the answers from one hundredparticipants were analysed. A combined method of quantitative and qualitative analysiswas used to get the results. The quantitative method was used to get the age, gender, andcountry of birth numeric differences, and the statistical data, and the thematic analysis wasused in the qualitative method, in order to get the qualitative data.The results show the positive connection between the so called ‘warm’ styles ofcommunication and the customer satisfaction, and the negative connection between thecold, impersonal communicative style and the customer satisfaction. The correlation withthe theoretical implications, shows that finding the right style of communication, thusproviding every customer with the personalized, not tailored to fit all service, leads togaining a satisfied and loyal customer. Managerial, and suggestions for interpersonalcommunication employee training according to the customer needs, are given in the lastsection.

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