Indigenous characteristics of the Chinese tourism in E.U countries : Distinctiveness and perspectives

University essay from Lunds universitet/Centrum för öst- och sydöstasienstudier

Abstract: The rapid development of China's outbound tourism in European countries is receiving more and more attention from the European tourism industry. The improvements of the national economy, the characteristics of Chinese culture and the strengthening of the economic and cultural bonds between China and European Union countries have all played roles in its growth. This master thesis summarizes China's history in outbound travels before 1990 and the reason of China's isolation and discuss the inherent political, economic and social reasons for its boom throughout the 1990s. Moreover there is an effort to identify the nature of the Chinese tourism in Europe, the reasons which motivates Chinese to travel to Europe and to clarify which tourism activities they prefer to enjoy during their stay in Europe. The research was based on semi structured interviews of 26 travellers in popular European destinations and it wastaken place in Shanghai. The model which adopted based on Triandis theory that there are unique characteristics, called emic, in every society that formulates the consumer's values and attitudes towards the tourist products. The comprehensive analysis of their preference could help in the creation of the Chinese tourist model and the adjustment of the European tourism industry products in their needs.

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