Human Resource Management with Information Technology: A Systematic Literature Review

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Author: Miltiadis Zisiadis; [2015]

Keywords: e-HRM; HRM; HRIS; Strategy; HR;


Information Technology (IT) systems have greatly impacted organizations and HumanResource Management (HRM) is no exception. In this context, IT is often introduced withthe rationale that it could offer benefits such as cost reduction, time savings and strategictransformation. Many organizations have invested in e-HRM systems in hope oftransforming the Human Resource department (HR) into a strategic ally. Extant research,however, shows that many organizations fail to achieve intended effects from their ITinvestments and as result beliefs around the strategic value of e-HRM vary. This thesisaims to critically examine the link between e-HRM investments and strategic value. To thisend, we ask the following research question: “why does E-HRM systems fail to effectuate astrategic transformation of the HR department given their perceived capabilities to thecontrary? “. To answer this question we conducted a systematic literature review of e-HRMresearch published between 2009-2014. The review focused on perceptions about e-HRMsystems within organizations and sought to unearth how perceptions shape the route of ITimplementation towards a strategy outcome. Our findings indicate that the majority of thestudies are not guided by a leading theoretical paradigm. Furthermore strategic barrierssuch as implementation problems and limited use of the system that does not reflect itspotential are identified and discussed. By examining some common factors that have beenidentified to shape the translation of e-HRM systems from initial perception to actualizeduse we lay the foundation for more nuanced theorizing of HRM use within contemporaryorganizations.

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