An investigation of protective formulations containing enzyme inhibitors : Model experiments of trypsin

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för kemi - BMC


This master thesis considers an investigation of protective formulations (ointment, cream) containing enzyme inhibitors. Model experiments have been made on the enzyme trypsin. It is well accepted that feces and urine are an important causing factor for skin irritation (dermatitis) while using diaper. A protective formulation is a physical barrier that separates the harmful substances from the skin. It can also be an active barrier containing active substances, which can be active both towards the skin, and the substances from feces and urine. By preventing contact from these substances the skin will not be harmed, at least for a period of time. A number of different inhibitors were tested towards trypsin and they all showed good inhibition, two of the inhibitors were selected to be immobilized with the help of NHS-­activated Sepharose. Immobilization of these two inhibitors leads to a lesser extent of the risk of developing allergy and also that the possible toxic effect can be minimized. 

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