A Cognitive Work Analysis as Basis for Development of a Compact C2 System to Support Air Surveillance Work

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi


This Master of Science thesis is producedat SAAB Security and Defence Solutions.The purpose of the thesis is to analyzehow air surveillance work can be carriedout. This information is then used to givesuggestions for the design of a new systemcontaining only the most essentialfunctionality. This is done by examiningthe available frameworks which can informinterface design and applying a frameworkto analyze work in a complete system usedas the basis of the new Compact C2 system.The second part of the analysis isdirected towards the stripped system(Compact C2) and both parts of theanalysis are used to inform interfacedesign of the Compact C2 system. By usingthe full range of the chosen framework foranalysis of the identification process inSwedish air surveillance work, someessential functions were identified andshould also have support in a Compact C2 system.

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