Uteservering för Hotell & Restaurang Villa Anna : urban odling i uteserveringsmiljö med storytelling som gestaltningsverktyg

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Abstract: In this paper, I design a new concept for a patio at Hotel and Restaurant Villa Anna in Odinslund, Uppsala, Sweden. Through this design, I examine how urban farming can thrive in a restaurant-context. The purpose of the design is to give the visitor a sense of the core values of the cuisine and to strengthen the sense of place by storytelling. My methods are comprised of a literature study on urban farming and storytelling as well as a discussion with the res-taurateur Rafael Löfstedt. I create a story of the place by examining its historical background and connect it to the current philosophy of the Villa Anna restaurant. This story, together with the functional de-mands of the patio, has guided my design to create a working whole. Storytelling is seldom used within landscape architecture; however, I have found it useful and well worth further interest. Urban farm-ing is a growing movement and offers a new view on how fresh produce is procured and thereby gives a fresh perspective on food and eating. Restaurants have a key role in eating trends and are able to act as trendsetters within popular food culture. Accordingly, it is increasingly interesting to explore how urban farming can be used within that context. Through urban farming, food production can be brought into the realm of landscape architecture and explored in new ways.

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