Investment Evaluation for Small ScaleInformation Systems

University essay from KTH/Organisation och ledning

Abstract: This paper presents a set of factors to consider when conducting investment evaluations for small scale IT systems. These factors have been derived by combining information from an extensive literature review, a single case study and an external expert. The literature review uses prior research on evaluation of large scale investments to inform and constrain the single case study. The single case study adds depth to the analysis by combining technical and operational perspectives from senior management, middle management and the general workforce. Ultimately an expert was consulted to evaluate the generalizability of the findings from the single case study, before the final list of factors was compiled. These factors should not be applied formulaically, as one of the main findings of this study is the diversity and complexity of small scale IT projects, preventing the application of general models. Instead, decision makers are encouraged to use these factors as a complement to their own experience, and to maintain close communication with potential stakeholders throughout the decision process.

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