Water Removal from Protective Glass

University essay from Lunds universitet/Industriell elektroteknik och automation

Abstract: Today’s network outdoor surveillance cameras face problems when water drops stick to the protective glass in front of the camera lens, thus significantly disturbing the image. This problem mainly occurs during heavy rain weather or when the camera is being cleaned with a hose. Solving this problem would greatly improve the performance and versatility of outdoor surveillance cameras. The way this problem is solved today is by using wind shield wipers. The drawback with this solution is that the screen will get scratched over time, especially if the wipers accidentally operate on a dry protective glass. To solve this problem, a systematic approach was used. After generating a wide spectrum of concepts, they were systematically tested and evaluated. Our mission was to find a solution that is reliable, energy efficient and implementable into existing products. The final result of this project was a vibrating solution to the problem. By vibrating the protective glass at a specific frequency and amplitude, the water drops could successfully be removed. A prototype of the final solution was implemented into an already existing product which proves that the concept might be possible to include in future products. The result of this project will be an attractive feature for network surveillance cameras. The results of this project have only been tested in camera applications, but have the potential of being implemented into other fields, such as car or home windows.

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