Investigating and Evaluating Software Ecosystem Modelling in Practice in a Tier-2 Vehicle Telematics Company

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Abstract: Although different ecosystem modelling techniques exist, it is difficult to assess howused these are in practice among software companies. In this design science study,software ecosystem practices of a software company in the automotive domain wereanalysed; according to the findings, there are different perceptions of an ecosystemamong management and developers, and there are no formalised modelling techniquesbeing used in the company. The study was conducted in three iterations;in the following two iterations, two modelling techniques were analysed, identifyingthree different points of improvement for one of them. The technique for whichthe changes were proposed was the technique favoured by the participants of thestudy. The findings indicated that, while participants did not have a consistent viewof which changes would provide more benefit to the modelling technique, many ofthem saw possible use cases for ecosystem modelling using the presented modellingtechnique. These use cases were consistent with the perceptions that the individualshad about software ecosystems and showed that they believed modelling techniquesto be potentially useful for the company, even if they were not currently using them.

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