Mythomachines Suspended, Fallen and Jumping Cyborgs

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: In this text I am presenting the installation and performance project called ‘Automatic bai Chans’ Ideveloped since the spring 2008 mainly in collaboration with Juan Hernández, student of the C: Art:Media Master’s program. We collaborated also with Anna-Sara Åberg from the School of Music andDrama, who brought a valuable input to the project as well. Our initial motivation for the project camefrom our interest in the jumping rope game. Formally, we became attracted by the connection betweenthe circular movement of the rope while swinging, the sound of the mass of air displaced, and thecontrast between the vertical axis of the person jumping and the horizontal axis around which the roperevolves. While reading on the origins of the game we found out about an Easter tradition in theSussex region, in England, in which people gather to skip the rope as a reminder of the rope Judas usedto hang himself after betraying Jesus. We did an automated installation with a suspended figurejumping, and a rope swinging with an envelope and a blank letter attached. We approached theinstallation elements through physical improvisation leading to the performance work presented. Thethesis’ text describes the different projects developed during the master program, referring to analogiesas key elements of our creative process. It discusses also the dualism of good and evil in severalinterpretations of Christianity and the critics addressed to this dualism in The Cyborg Manifesto(1985).I refer to Malinche’ s story as inspiring for the mythic cyborg.

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