Drosophila - A Population Study in Southern Scania

University essay from Lunds universitet/Examensarbeten i biologi

Author: Jonas Jansson; [2018]

Keywords: Biology and Life Sciences;

Abstract: Most studies done on Drosophila are made in labs and focus on genetics, something which has formed a somewhat one-sided field of studies. To counter this bias, this report was based on fieldwork. From a classical ecological aspect, Drosophila populations in southern Scania were investigated in order to put more clinical Drosophila insights in a proper context. According to previous studies, urban and rural factors together with temperature were thought to have an impact on sex ratios and species composition. This was tested for by sampling wild populations in Lund and Beddingestrand. Although no findings of greater importance were brought to light since none of the hypothesizes could be proven statistically true, convincing evidence for the summer 2017 being a bad year for Drosophila was found. No relation between temperature, seasonality, sex ratio, or species distribution was found, neither was any exotic species found.

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