Visibility Clothing for Children

University essay from Lunds universitet/Industridesign

Abstract: This degreework was initiated by a brief email send form the department of design science at Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University. It was an invitation from the company Reflectil Sverige AB about their interest to renew their selection of non-professional high visibility garment. The companies demand was to broaden their selection of nonprofessional high visibility garment. They wanted to improve their brand Sportlite towards a more attractive and modern design. My intention was to make a more tailored product with personality without renouncing its main functions - to attract attention and safety. I wanted to see how I could improve Reflectil Sverige AB´s selection of non-professional high visibility garment without diverge from the European standard, EN-1150. I choose to limit my target group to children, even though a product like this is something that can be of benefit to everyone. I wanted to work with children as the target group since children are less aware of dangerous situations, they are curious and likes to experience things. This sometime makes them unpredictable. I assumed that this kind of additional accessory garment is supposed to be used any time and any where. This means it can be worn during the whole year. Since the choice of clothing differ from one season to another it affected the design. I came to the conclusion that the design of my visibility garment must be convenient and easy to put on and off. It must also be adjustable depending on what one is wearing under the accessory. I solved this by making my vest as an open piece that easily can be put on over the head, without having to pull the arms through any armpits. After that the vest is fastened with Velcro in each side of the waist. Because I wanted to give my vest an own identity I also made a suggestion of a trademark. The inspiration for this was the cat species eye. The cat species have excellent night vision and their eyes also reflects light. The retroreflective area around the waist is also inspired by these animals. Of course this retroreflective decoration can be designed in many ways as long as it fulfil the European standard.

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