Stronger together - A study on increasing knowledge sharing between peers in business centres.

University essay from Malmö högskola/Kultur och samhälle

Abstract: This thesis investigates the knowledge sharing process between individuals working at companies located in business centres. Through literature review and user-centred approaches taken from interaction design methodologies, I find clear patterns indicating that knowledge sharing can create individual, organizational, communal and in the long- term also societal growth. Throughout this thesis project I examine knowledge sharing in the specific context of business centres and highlight motivations and barriers in this process. In doing so I find that motivations for inter-organizational knowledge sharing exists amongst the intended users, but that these motivations are seldom realised into action. This is shown to be greatly related to the lack of a digital presence that considers the barriers in knowledge sharing, which opens up for possible design solutions. The project concludes in a high fidelity prototype of a CSCW-platform with the goal of increasing the knowledge sharing culture by giving users a greater awareness over individuals in their near surroundings and new ways to connect with these individuals.

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