Thermal and Electrical Performance Evaluation of PV/T Collectors in UAE

University essay from KTH/Energiteknik

Author: Mustafa Kaya; [2013]

Keywords: PV T; collectors; performance; csem; uae;


Photovoltaic Thermal/Hybrid collectors are an emerging technology that combines PV and solar thermal collectors by producing heat and electricity simultaneously. In this paper, thermal and electrical performance of PV/T collectors are analyzed and presented for the climate of RAK, UAE. Thermal performance evaluation is done following the collector output model presented in European standard EN 12975-2 and electrical performance evaluation is done by analyzing the effect of water circulation on the performance of PV/T collectors. Additionally, a PV/T system is designed for residential use in UAE and simulated using simulation software Polysun. Power output and requirements of the system along with its financial analysis is presented. Alternative solar energy systems to PV/T system are analyzed in terms of power output, specific requirements and financial analyses. Finally, a study is made to reveal the impact of incentives towards sustainable energy systems on the economic feasibility of PV/T systems for residential use in UAE.

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