CHALLENGES WHEN DIFFUSING INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS THROUGH DIGITAL MARKETING - A qualitative research study exploring the major challenges when diffusing innovative products through digital marketing based on a case study of a diving equipment company

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: The main objective with this study was to explore the major challenges whendiffusing innovative products through digital marketing. The purpose of thisresearch was to bring clarity in what challenges managers for innovativeproducts face when using digital marketing practices, such as Social MediaMarketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing and SEO/SEM to diffusetheir products. In the era of digitalization there has been an increasing use ofdigital marketing in various industries. Thus, digitalization provides newopportunities for companies to diffuse their innovations which hence leads tonew challenges.The empirical data of the study consists of interviews from a case company,Poseidon Diving Systems, and their potential customers. The results arestructured around several categories from both the case company and thepotential customers, accordingly. Finally, it was concluded that the majorchallenges when diffusing their innovative product through digital marketingwas to stand out in the digital mass, communicate product value and to becredible and visible. The study contributes to the research areas of diffusion ofinnovation and digital marketing, through establishing a potential connectionbetween the two subjects, and sheds light on an observed, yet uninvestigatedtopic in literature.

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