WiMAX Traffic Calculations in WRAP

University essay from Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Muhammad Arshad Awan; [2009]

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The aim of the thesis is to develop and describe WRAP’s capabilities in handling the WiMAX standard as defined in IEEE 802.16e related to traffic capacity calculations. WRAP International has developed the software WRAP for spectrum management and radio network planning. WRAP includes various technical calculation functions that are applied for design and analysis tasks with the purpose of achieving the desired quality of service within radio communication networks, navigation and radar systems. WRAP already includes functions for radio wave calculations to establish for instance coverage; best server maps etc, as well as traffic calculations for cellular networks (2G) using channel-orientated calculations that are modeled by Erlang B and Erlang C formulas. Since WiMAX supports multiple broadband data services including voice, video, web data, interactive network gaming and streaming media so there is a need to build a tool for the estimation of WiMAX traffic capacity calculations. Some methods and algorithms are analyzed and a tool has been built to ease the network planner’s job. It works based upon the calculations and algorithm presented in the report. Total number of users and data rate supported by a base station is calculated and total number of base stations, required for the coverage of a specific area is determined. This new tool is compatible with WRAP’s current functions.

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