The Importance of Global Purchasing within SMEs A Look behind the Curtains of Different Methods of Going Global in the Chocolate Industry in Sweden

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: This paper provides a brief summary of the literature relating to Actor- Network Theory (ANT) with the purpose to provide an analytical tool for the case study. This serves as basis for a discussion of global purchasing of SMEs in Sweden. The chocolate industry is used as an example as global sourcing is inevitable for these SMEs. The purpose of the paper is to get an understanding of how purchasing in SMEs takes place and why there are a variety of methods within SMEs. The findings show how global purchasing takes place in the chocolate industry in Sweden. Furthermore, the different actors and other important factors, which have influenced the transformation of the method of global purchasing are introduced and discussed. Accordingly, the paper develops a model presenting actors and factors that influence how the method of global purchasing is transforming differently in each SME.

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