The contribution of effectiveness & efficiency to value within digitalization : - A qualitative study within Business to Business

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/Internationella Handelshögskolan

Abstract: Background: As digitalization has arisen and further developed the way companies execute marketing strategies, new ways of creating value by effectiveness and efficiency as a foundation has emerged during the recent years. Two crucial marketing tools within digitalization are Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing.    Problem:Striving to become more effective and efficient with digitalization and the new technology requires that companies can deal with new changes. Although, there is a gap in the research and how effectiveness and efficiency is perceived and how it further creates value for companies.    Purpose: This thesis aims to achieve a greater understanding of in what essence companies can become more effective and efficient in order to create greater value. RQ1: How does effectiveness and efficiency create value for companies regarding marketing automation and inbound marketing, and what is value for them?    Method: A multiple case study based on a qualitative research method has been executed with interviews of six companies. The companies interviewed is divided under three different levels of implementation of digitalization, non-user, in process, and user.  Conclusion: The results showed that depending on how much digitalization a company has implemented; the level of effectiveness and efficiency varies. The higher level of digitalization the higher level of effectiveness and value. Further, more value is created when the level of effectiveness and efficiency is higher. Good CRM systems together with long-term relationships and good communication enhances the development of digitalization within companies to further create more value.   

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