The Interaction between Health Promotion Providers and their Users - A Study of Nine Swedish Companies

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Author: Sofia Ivansson; Elin Nordbris; [2009-08-19]

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Abstract: Background & Problem Discussion: The extent of ill health is an alarmingly concern inSweden today. Health promotion is a method of maintaining and improving individuals’health and might be a contributory factor in order to reverse the negative health trend.Worksite health promotion implies the work of health and creating a healthy workplace.Hence, it can be seen as an interaction between two actors; health promotion providers andhealth promotion users. Today we know little about the interaction, therefore, we considerthis topic of current interest and see an opportunity in investigating it further.Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to illustrate investments in health promotion from twoopposite angels. That is, to elucidate the interaction between health promotion providers andhealth promotion users and to clarify possible benefits a company can achieve by investing inhealth promotion.Delimitations: In this thesis we will merely focus on the physical aspects of ill health, and notdiscuss the impact of poor psychological health.Methodology: A qualitative approach is used in order to elucidate the interaction betweenhealth promotion providers and their users. The empirical data is collected through semistructured interviews with respondents from nine different companies and is evaluated in theanalysis.Results and Conclusions: The study shows that the interaction between health promotionproviders and health promotion users is of great importance since they are dependent uponeach other. Many companies are in need of help from health promotion providers to be able tocreate a healthy workplace. However, since it is difficult to measure the outcome ofinvestments in employee health, some companies cannot see the value in investing, hence,they see merely costs. Further, the providers are in need of companies investing in healthpromotion to pursue their business activities. Hence, it is their challenge to show the benefitsand motivate companies to invest in health promotion.Suggestions for Further Research: When writing the thesis focus has been on companiesthat are doing some kind of health promoting investment. One suggestion for further researchwould be to examine companies that are not investing in health promotion, and try to explaintheir reasons for not doing investments.

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