Managing the Semi-Fictive Brand Persona - In Theory and Practice

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Title: Managing the Semi-Fictive Brand Persona – In Theory and Practice Submission date: 28th of May 2018 Course: BUSN39 Degree Project in Global Marketing Authors: Emma Jungerth & Sam Lidström Supervisor: Mats Urde, [email protected] Purpose: The purpose of this study is to explore the phenomenon of Semi-Fictive Brand Personas and to further broaden the understanding through a communicative and managerial lens. Theoretical Perspective: This study takes a Strategic Brand Management perspective on theory. Previous literature that is explored in this study are concepts in the field of Strategic Brand Management that are related to the Semi-Fictive Brand Persona, namely brand identity, brand personality, brand personification, brand persona and storytelling. Methodology: The research approach in this study has been inspired by Grounded Theory. The data collection methods that has been used are document analysis and semi-structured interviews. The interviews have been conducted with experienced communication professionals. Empirical data: This study has gathered both primary and secondary data. The primary data that has been derived in the semi-structured interviews are the reasoning by communication professionals regarding the Semi-Fictive Brand Persona. The secondary data has been case examples of organisations that uses this type of brand persona. These have been gathered through the document analysis. Originality: The Semi-Fictive Brand Persona is a novel and unexplored phenomenon in the Strategic Brand Management literature. The following study shed light on the managerial aspects of communicating the Semi-Fictive Brand Persona by exploring why organisations use it, as well as where and when it should be used. Contributions: The reasons why an organisation may use a Semi-Fictive Brand Persona can be explained through the abbreviation the 5C’s, namely control, continuity, content, co-creation and compass. The Semi-Fictive Brand Persona Framework can furthermore provide guidance regarding when and where this type of persona is suitable. The theory that has been derived through the empirical findings has both theoretical and managerial contributions, since it elaborates the theoretical field of brand personas and provides guidance for practitioners that wants to create a Semi-Fictive Brand Persona. Furthermore, this study has also contributed with a clarification of the array of concepts related to this phenomenon.

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