Optimization of routine to find the correct zone for GPS coordinates

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Abstract: In this thesis a logistics program for keeping track of delivery cars was developed. The program was developed for Jetpak, a logistics company and customer of the IT consulting company Softronic where this thesis work was preformed. Jetpak has divided Sweden into areas called ''trafikledningszoner'' (TLZs) which are used to direct the most suitable car for a new delivery. The aim was to improve Jetpaks current system for keeping track of their cars by increasing the speed at which the cars' TLZs are tracked as well as by visualising the TLZs on a map and make them editable. Two programs were developed to perform this task. The look up program uses the crossing method to calculate in what TLZ each car is in using its GPS coordinates. The editing program displays and enables editing of TLZs on a Google map. This work has resulted in the possibility of a greater understanding of the exact layout of the TLZs as well as a possibility to edit them to better suit Jetpaks needs. This is an improvement over the current system because more understanding and more control is given to Jetpak. However, these programs can still be improved to ease the editing process by adding more usable functionality.

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