Synchronizing 3D data between software : Driving 3D collaboration forward using direct links

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Carl Brage; [2021]

Keywords: 3D; Unreal Engine; Unity; Configura; Blender; Lumion; Enscape; render; BIM; mesh;

Abstract: In the area of 3D visualization there are often several stages in the design process. These stages can involve creating a model, applying a texture to the model and creating a rendered image from the model. Some software can handle all stages of the process while some are focused on a single stage to try to perfect and narrow down the service provided. In this case there needs to be a way to transfer 3D data between software in an efficient way where the user experience isn’t lacking. This thesis explores the area of 3D data synchronization by first getting foundation from the prestudy and literature study. The findings from these studies are used in a shared file-based implementation and a design of a network-based system. The work presented in this thesis forms a comprehensive overview which can be used for future work.

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