Comparison of PSSE & PowerFactory

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära

Author: Björn Karlsson; [2013]

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In this thesis a comparison of PSSE (Power System Simulator for Engineering) fromSiemens and PowerFactory from DIgSILENT is done. The two tools can be used inmany ways to analyze power system stability and behavior. This thesis cover the useof load flow and dynamic stability simulation. Different modeling and definitions areused by the tools why differences in the results may occur. A network defined in PSSEcan be imported to PowerFactory. The thesis presents what is need to be consideredwhen moving a network from PSSE to PowerFactory. The work is also done to test ifit is possible to have identical simulation results. The report indicates that it ispossible to have identical load flow. The dynamic simulation will have similar behaviorif the correct set-up is made. The generators use different modeling and can be testedin a step response. By tuning the generator parameters according to the stepresponses, will have a positive impact to the dynamic simulation results.

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