Research on response and relations between customers and brand equity : A comparative study of McDonald and Max in Sweden

University essay from Institutionen för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap

Abstract: Despite of economic downturn in recent years, the food service industry has performed well in Sweden and has grown by 4.1% in 2009. Now, the players are in a battle of differentiating their products/services and offers, as the degree of competition are moderately high in the market. Hence, building a strong brand image has apparently become a foremost tactics particularly in food chain industry.  The study aims to contribute on the concrete importance of brand equity management in the fast food chain especially by illustrating real empirical cases of McDonald and Max in Sweden. This comparative study attempts to figure out consumer’s attitudes, preference and behavior   that are affected by equity assets; brand awareness, perceived value, brand loyalty and brand associations in one way or another. Based on a quantitative survey, consumer’s brand knowledge is examined to confirm the brand value added by these brand equity assets.

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