Targeted content - a case study on increasing online user engagement

University essay from Malmö universitet/Fakulteten för teknik och samhälle (TS)

Abstract: The data generated from the user's activities and surfing online can have a significant impact when used to improve the content of web pages. The user has little time to scan the content of a web page and the motivation to save time is high. Recommendations and personalized content are becoming more and more common and both businesses and consumers seem to benefit from more targeted content. In order to know what recommendations to present to each individual, information about the user is needed and there are many tools to analyze the behaviours of the users online. In this study, we examined if relevant content on the front-page of Visma, a business software provider, can increase the interaction on the front-page and what metrics can be used to measure the interaction. Together with experts in the field we investigated the eAccounting software users’ preferences for targeted recommendations. By having a pop up survey for users of Visma, conducting an A/B test and using a heatmap for the eAccounting users we found out that a more customized front-page makes the user interact more with the page. 

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