Tuple Space in the Cloud

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Hariprasad Hari; [2012]

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Communication Overhead is one of the major problems hindering the prospects of emerging technologies. There are various mechanisms used for communication and coordination of data in the form of Message Passing Interface and Remote method nvocation but they also possess some drawbacks. Tuple Space is one such candidate mechanism used in parallel processing and data sharing. So far there were been man centralized Tuple Space implementations such as Java Space, TSpace. As the commu cation between processes increases, the centralized communication becomes a bottleneck and hence there is need to distribute the processes. A better  way is to distribute the Tuple Space itself. The goal of this thesis is used to find out the problems which would arise when distributing the Tuple Space. It analysis the state- of-art tuple space implementations and provides a novel approach by proposing a solution which satisfies most of the problems.

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