Four perspectives on urban construction logistics: Why it matters and how to make it a priority

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: The construction industry has suffered from low productivity for decades, and more recently, researchers have connected this to being a result from poor execution of logistics. Methods to achieve more efficient logistics exists, but construction logistics is often overlooked, and therefore not used. This thesis identifies what can be done to excel in construction logistics, and how and why it should become an integral part of every construction supply chain. To fulfil the purpose of this thesis, four case studies based on in-depth interviews with different actors in the construction supply chain were conducted. The results revealed that the production manager was a major barrier to the implementation of efficient logistics, together with the difficulty in assessing the cost of logistics. Moreover, the results suggest that efficient construction logistics helps to create a more sustainable environment for urban stakeholders, which adds to the importance of promoting it. The results further suggest promotion by external requirements on construction logistics posed by the client.

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